The Future of Journalism… Finding a Job?

I love Robert Krulwich, the NPR Science correspondent and co-host of the brilliant RadioLab because he has the ability to turn a story ion it’s head, tell it in the most intereting way and make me stop and listen.

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What cha lookin’ at?

There’s been some discussion recently about where an interview subject should look during an on camera interview: to the left, to the right, straight into the camera?

Like so many things in storytelling, I like to look to real life … Read More

Good Ethics vs. Good Storytelling & What We Crave

There’s a nice article in the New York Times magazine about my favorite radio show, RadioLab. And there is a fantastic interactive that the New York Times Magazine created isolating some of their storytelling sounds.

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What sets YOU apart?

” Now everybody is a photographer, everybody is a film maker, everybody is a writer.”

So what will set YOU apart?

take a minute, yes, just a minute and check this trailer from the new film Press Pause Play.> ——–

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Internet = empowerment? censorship?

Brilliant!! (animated) storytelling about web, censorship and democracy by web scholar

Evgeny Morozov tries to put all the pieces together, visually.

Or what else you can do instead of showing a boring talking head.


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28 Mar '11

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The debate rages on!

What is the difference between broadcast video and video for the web? Adam Westbrook helps explain it a bit by detailing five things to avoid in web video that have become cliche’s in broadcast video.

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The Elephant in the Room

My mantra is “A person is not a story” This week I was a multimedia coach at the Mountain Workshops, my mantra could have been: “An assignment is not a story.”

Maya Sugarman proved my mantra by taking a … Read More

27 Apr '10


Missed Connections

I slipped in Jeremy Caplan’s class yesterday at CUNY Grad School of Journalism and he was discussing an old post titled: What 15 Journalists took home from South by Southwest a.k.a SXSW.

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digital dreamscape: lucid photography

This is an interactive portfolio, click on the arrows to cycle through the images (and my dreams).

Every Sunday I’m left as an internet widow by my partner, who writes the wildly popular website Gastropoda. So while she was … Read More

24 Feb '10

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Too long?

I’m a big fan of the Bombay Flying Club (“Online Journalism as it could be” is their motto) BFC produces stunning multimedia. I checked in to see their most recent piece, Streetlight Ethiopia, which was commissioned by the NGO “Hope … Read More